Cost management framework

OpsLyft best manages your cloud expenses using AIOps framework, consists of automated workflows, optimized reports, and customized recommendations.

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Monitoring, reporting  & alerting

OpsLyft precisely monitors cloud infrastructure, prepares reports, and sends alerts to improve cloud cost management.

Usage track
Our framework tracks daily usage and application metrics with the help of pre-built connectors.
“Our DevOps team was facing a challenge in tracking the cloud usage and thus not able to control the cost. I needed a solution exactly what OpsLyft has offered to us.”
V.P Engineering
Data transparency
Easy cost control
Organized data
Spike detection
Any change in the infra, that may affect your cloud bill will be detected by our framework.
“Previously, we were not able to get notification of any unusual behavior inside our cloud infra. OpsLyft empowered us with instant alerts.”
Tech Lead
Better visibility
Proactive action
Decreased human effort
Decreased dependency on 3rd party apps
Cost prediction
Our framework tracks daily usage and application metrics with the help of pre-built connectors.
“Though I don’t deal directly with the cloud optimization challenges, I have to plan the IT budget and OpsLyft’s framework approach has made my life much easier.”
IT Finance Head
Better budget planning
Increased productivity of finance team
Precise estimation

Container optimization

Our framework consists of an AIOps engine Edison that smartly optimizes container resources. It calculates the CPU and memory requirements of each container that developers are finding hard to do.
Optimum resource utilization
Automatic recommendations
Increased efficiency
“We have been taking advantage of Kubernetes container orchestration for almost 6 months and it helped us a lot, but it was not possible for us to calculate the app requirements like CPU, RAM, etc. manually. Edison seemed like a cool thing to deal with this challenge.”
Tech Lead

Optimization & recommendation

Cloud cost optimization is not a one time job, but a continuous process of knowing anomalies and taking action.

Our framework automatically prevents over-provisioning and under-provisioning of instances.
“OpsLyft helped our team to reduce efforts which we have to put in making strategies so that we can avail optimum use of each instance.”
AWS Engineer
Increased cloud engineers’ productivity
Reduced cloud bill
Idle resource management
& scheduling
Our framework detects idle resources and schedules them to meet fluctuating loads of your infra.
“The organization was growing fast, so do our IT infra and it was getting difficult for us to find out the idle resources manually. We are impressed by how Edison worked smartly to solve this recurring challenge.”
Cloud Engineer
Reduced idle/unused resources
Automatic scheduling
Proactive solution
Our framework studies your infra and provides the best possible solution that not only meets your current requirements but also prevents the upcoming problems.
“I have recently joined an organization and it was not possible for me to go through the data history of its IT infra and cloud bills, anyhow it would take more time than what OpsLyft took.”
Tech Lead
Decreased anomalies
Increased productivity
RI/Savings plans
RI and Savings Plans enhance chances to cut down cost on On-Demand instances, but to avail, these offerings organizations need to analyze their app requirements and make strategies. Our framework automatically does these and gives precise recommendations.
“We were not sure how many instances we should reserve that would meet our requirements. Also, we were lacking to choose between RI and Savings Plans. OpsLyft has a great ability to do so.”
Devops Engineer
Reduced cloud bill
Meet app requirements
Better app performance

What our customers say about us

OpsLyft has a unique ability to deal with infra challenges. We might have solved some well-known challenges with the help of available cloud optimization tools, but we are glad to have a fully customized framework that enabled us to deal with many hidden challenges and ultimately we saved millions over cloud bills.

We accommodate all the tools you are already working with

We are not introducing you to another tool, but a framework that integrates all the tools that you are already using to manage your workloads.